About Us

Big Beat provide a selection of music and rhythm-based activities for conferences, away days and themed events.

We’ve been delivering team building activities across UK and Europe (and beyond) for the last 15 years. 

Our conference icebreakers are designed to go anywhere in the world, without any fuss or high transport costs.  Previous events have seen Big Beat delivering sessions as far afield as Turkey, Malaysia and Dubai. 

Big Beat was founded by Adrian Wiggins, an accomplished Latin percussionist, teacher and performer.

Since the company began in 1999, our offering has evolved to incorporate new creative ideas, like Junk Percussion, Boomwhackers, the Bag Lady Workout and the Toy Orchestra.

We pride ourselves on our enthusiasm and professionalism.  We're experts at what we do and we’re passionate about how we do it.  We guarantee to turn your event into a memorable occasion.


“Adrian is a well prepared, punctual, creative and diverse musician. He always brings flair and adds many percussive options to the music, including electronic instruments. He has a vast knowledge of musical cultures and rhythms and is eclectic in his approach. He works well with groups of musicians and is a pleasure record and perform with. He listens!”

Chris Young, Krik Music