Team Meeting Ice Breakers

Is your conference missing something a little bit different?

Conference collage

Through the medium of music and rhythm, Big Beat has designed a series of unique meeting ice breakers and refreshers for team building away days,conferences and conventions.

These short activities can be incorporated into any point during your day. Perhaps first thing to wake everyone up?  Or maybe after lunch to avoid the dreaded 'graveyard shift'.  Or right at the end - to finish on a memorable and upbeat note.

Whatever you choose, we have a range of activities that break the ice and get everyone loosened up in a fun and entertaining way.

Using everyday items like bin bags, carrier bags, or squeaky toys and combined with simple rhythms, imagine yourself actually playing a bin bag with 200 other delegates, it has to been seen to be believed!

  • Music gets people going in a way many other activities can't
  • There's room for improvisation, or simply following along
  • It works brilliantly for conferences
  • Can handle 50 to 5000 participants!
  • We can design one specifically for you
  • It can be easily transported anywhere in the world

It's simple, practical, and brings unexpected results.  Together, it adds up to a memorable activity for you and your team.

Download PDF on Big Beat conferences icebreakers (PDF)