Boomwhackers UK Conference ice-breakers Conference ice-breakers

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Individually coloured tubes called Boomwhackers each with their own pitched sound can be played and performed in an attention-grabbing session.

Bang them together or on the floor.......... this is raw music-making at its simplest form.

Your team will quickly be introduced to one of the most musically accessible instruments. Through a fun call-and-response style of play, they will learn a collection of rhythms that will have them playing together within a very short timeframe. 


It’s plastic, indestructible, a fantastic sound and great fun to play. An endless array of sounds can be created.

It's easy to set up and quick to implement.

A perfect conference ice-breaker for small to VERY large groups!


  • Teambuilding
  • Evening entertainment
  • Conference ice-breakers
  • Breakout sessions
  • Participants can even compose their own boomwhacker music!

A harmonic and tuneful experience combined with funky grooves guarantees an all round  session with endless possibilities.