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Dustbin lids, car wheels, drain pipes, scrap metal............. it's all music.

Junk Percussion (aka The Scrap Heap Challenge) is a remarkable session creating a huge array of sounds and rhythms that will leave the participants upbeat and buzzing.

It is an amazing journey, taking inanimate everyday objects and turning them into musical instruments in the hands of your team.

Your group will learn to play the purpose made clank-a-phone, bat-phone and the chain gang.  And create a unique funky groove with their fellow workers.

Workshops and sessions include instruments made out of ordinary scrap/junk and forgotten items.  


Here's a little more information about the unique 'instruments' you'll discover...


A unique instrument invented by Big Beat involving bin lids and chains! Be amazed at the sound you can make with metal.


Drainpipes with u-bends make for an interesting resonance. Played with bats, drainpipes will never seem the same again.


A good metal sound thrashed out on old car wheels can really get the place rocking.


Play that funky bin, with broom handles and energy.  These metal bins provide the driving rhythm for the whole group.


For 10 to 500 people
Can be split into smaller groups then brought back together
Design/bring your own instruments
Great for recycle awareness
Can be combined with other drumming sessions

Download the pdf for the Scrap Heap Challenge