The Bag Lady Workout

The Bag Lady Workout

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Black bin liners humanly inflated create a back line of visual splendour and play a simple bass pulse.

In front of the bass line occupies the ‘Reggae line' of carrier bags, easily undertaking their rhythm with a flick of the wrist.
Finally we have a front line of extra black bin liners with their own contrasting bass rhythm.

Once we have the rhythms cooking, each section stands to play on its turn creating a spellbinding sound and a ‘liquorice allsort' visual effect.

All this is put together by a team of rhythm specialists orchestrated to be an instant and hilarious icebreaker/refresher. It's completely on the spot, requires very little set up time and guarantees to get individuals motivated for anything.
An amazing sound that is simple yet highly entertaining.

Fantastic for getting that recycled message across or just educating people to the extraordinary things one can do with a simple items.