The Euro-Rhythm Song contest

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Interactive music making, mayhem and point scoring to rival the best!

Using the amazing Boomwhacker (plastic tube of different lengths when hit together produce a pitched tone)

Delegates will learn an interactive piece based on simple rhythms and tunes

Each group then goes off to create their own unique piece of music. Complete with breaks, dynamics and frills!

The Contest Bit

These wonderful creations are then performed to the other groups.

We then compere a Eurovision style contest with each table/group voting on a points system for each other. 

The points are added up and prizes are awarded to the group with the most votes staying true to the style of the Eurovision Song contest. (vote rigging is not allowed)

This can become highly competitive and no table wants to achieve the infamous ‘nil poit’!

This is a perfect afternoon or evening’s activity where the audience becomes part of the entertainment and fun.