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Even teachers need a break so let us do it for you. This session can be used as a tool for learning the basics of teaching samba percussion to children or simply as a team building, stress busting session for the whole staff.

  • Learn how to play Samba in a fun and informal session
  • Include a scrap session with ideas on how to integrate it into school
  • Why not try one of our mobile recording sessions and record your own CD! click here for more info
  • We offer whole and half day activities¬†
  • More importantly re-connect with staff you may only see once a week

Everyone can benefit from banging a drum from time to time!



We also offer a unique box full of 18 different team building activities.
The Box is ideal for schools and colleges looking to add value to their meetings, conferences & training sessions, and can be used in a number of different ways:

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