Drumming Workshop -

Discover How Your Team Can Become A Samba Percussion Band in No Time At All!

Samba drumming

The drum workshop.  It's all based on Samba. And it's World Cup year too!

With its driving and energetic Latin rhythms, Samba percussion is one of the most popular team building activities around. It's quick, simple and easy.  And despite some initial anxieties, everyone will get in touch with their inner drummer.  

Drumming workshops are a great way to add some energy, laughter and fun to your away day or conference.



If you choose a drumming workshop, you'll soon discover...

  • Why drumming has been used for centuries to stimulate and inspire
  • How our simple format guarantees a successful performance
  • How drumming arouses the senses
  • How the collective energy through drumming emulates natural teamwork
  • How drumming can quickly remove inhibitions
  • How energised and relaxed it will leave you
  • And simply how liberating it can be to bang a big drum and make some noise!