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Samba Drumming

Working together to create one of the most dynamic drumming styles in the world.

Using authentic Brazilian instruments including the Surdo (large bass drum), Ago-go Bell and Snare Drum; participants will experience some of the passion, energy and rhythms associated with South America.

Giving instructions

A simple process of learning the rhythms ‘parrot fashion', very quickly the group will have an understanding of the beats they will need to all play and create the overall sound.

After only 45mins they will be playing a coherent Samba Reggae piece complete with musical calls and breaks! Lots of energy, lots of noise and a real sense of achievement.

A guaranteed all round team building event that will never be forgotten and quite often the staff are still singing and clapping the rhythms in the office days after.


  • Allows mass participation 

  • Everyone CAN do it! 

  • A fantastic team energiser 

  • Puts a smile on everyone’s face

  • Strengthens team dynamics

  • A drum or percussion instrument for all 
  • Professional drumming facilitators 

  • Brazilian influened music 

  • Music is layered to create a BIG sound !
  • Energy and lots of enthusiasm


Groups from 10 to 1000

30 minutes to 2 hours

Perfect for conferences, away days, team building and more

Can be combined with other creative sessions like recording your own CD take a look

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