Samba in Groups

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The session starts with a short lively demonstration from the Big Beat drummers, performing a dynamic Samba piece that introduces the forthcoming event that guarantees an awakening response.


Two lines of people face up to each other and using a very simple process of body percussion will interact with their opposite number.

Co-operation with their new found friend and fun concentration culminates in a finale of hand claps, chest beating, clicking fingers and lots of hilarity!


They will learn one of the most dynamic drumming styles in the world.
Using authentic Brazilian instruments including the Surdo (large bass drum), Ago-go Bell and Snare Drum; participants will experience some of the passion, energy and rhythms associated with South America.

  • The group is divided into smaller groups
  • Each group has its own Samba tutor
  • After only 1 hour they will be playing a coherent Samba Reggae piece complete with musical calls and breaks!
  • All the groups come back together and each one presents their newly found drumming skills
  • The finale is a massed drumming session with all groups playing as one

This is great for a larger group that can be separated into any number of smaller combinations.

The energy and sound that is eventually achieved in the finale is phenomenal!