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Big Beat can devise a tailor-made half-day or full-day team building session incorporating samba drumming with some of our other services.

Participants will experience a variety of rhythm-based activities and team games whilst learning new skills and building their confidence.

The session will culminate in the group being transformed into a  Brazilian samba band, complete with calls and breaks!

Please take a look at the example below of what we can offer:



A musical exploration.
The room is filled with an array of instruments from all over the world; like an Aladins cave of drums. gongs, percussion, shakers, cymbals, and whistles.  Some familiar, some not. Individuals are invited to explore everything to let themselves indulge like a child in a sweet shop. 

After a while the musician will demonstrate how some of the instruments are played. Again the group are invited to rediscover these new sounds, with the musician interacting and encouraging the group to make music together without them realising it. The session ends with a composition they have created through this natural interaction.


Using a fundamental element of music rhythm and the unique and immensely versatile Boomwhacker (plastic tubes of different lengths when hit together produce a pitched tone).  These have proved a fantastic tool for learning and enjoying music. 

  • Group learns a simple but challenging groove through a collection of rhythms when combined creates a very infectious tune. The participant experiences their importance within the piece by taking other elements of the groove away.
  • The whole group is then invited to separate and given 10 minutes to compose their own groove to perform to each other.  They will have learnt simple elements of music; pulse, off beats, rests etc and with only limited help, they will create a unique groove.

This session is designed to give a new skill to the participant - which through music, simple strong elements, and good concise communication - results in a collective, coherent and exciting sound.  


Learn one of the most dynamic drumming styles in the world.
Using authentic Brazilian instruments including the Surdo (large bass drum), Ago-go Bell and Snare Drum; participants will experience some of the passion, energy and rhythms associated with South America.  After only 1 hour they will be playing a coherent Samba Reggae piece complete with musical calls and breaks!
A guaranteed all round teambuilding event that will never be forgotten and quite often the staff are still singing and clapping the rhythms in the office days after.