Conference Ice Breaker activities based in London

Is your conference missing something a little bit different?

Through the medium of music and rhythm, Big Beat has designed a series of unique meeting ice breakers and refreshers for team building away days, conferences and conventions that can be introduced at any point in the day.
  • Music gets people going in a way many other activities can't
  • There's room for improvisation, or simply following along
  • It works brilliantly for conferences
  • Can handle 50 to 5000 participants!
  • We can design an activity specifically for you
  • Available anywhere in the world
  • Simple, practical, and brings unexpected results. 

All together, it adds up to a memorable activity for you and your team.

Boom tubes

The delegates will quickly be introduced to one of the most musically accessible instruments. Through a fun call and response style, they will learn a collection of rhythms that will have them playing together within a short session.

The boomwhacker
It’s plastic, indestructible, makes a fantastic sound and is great fun to play. An endless array of sounds can be created
Easy to set up and quick to implement
A perfect conference ice-breaker for small to VERY large groups!

Ideal for:

  • Team building
  • Evening interaction
  • Conference ice-breakers
  • Breakout sessions.
  • Participants can even compose their own music!

The bag lady workout

Using black bin liners and carrier bags, we can work together to create amazing rhythms. This activity is put together by a team of rhythm specialists and is an instant and hilarious ice breaker/refresher. It's completely on the spot, requires very little set up time and is guaranteed to get the conference motivated for anything.

An amazing sound that is simple but yet highly entertaining, it is fantastic for getting that recycled message across or just educating people to the extraordinary things one can do with a simple bag!

Toy orchestra

Transport yourself back to when you were a child discovering sounds and music for the first time... but this time no-one is telling you to be quiet!

We will create an orchestra of sounds from all those toys you had forgotten about, interacting with your colleagues like never before!

Great for themed events and evening parties, there's no need to move from your seat - we can even provide goodie bags to take home!

Combine it with the boom tubes or the bag lady workout for a totally unique conference!

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